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Landscaping Services
A newly installed landscape adds beauty and value to your property. In addition to lawn installation, we offer a wide variety of native shrubs, trees, and flowers. Regardless of your budget or the size of your property, our sales representatives can help create your perfect layout.
  • Lawn mowing and planting bed edge maintenance
  • Mulch installation
Tree Services
Trees can represent a significant value to your property and a large investment of time. Our professional arborists can help you to decide the best course of action for preserving and maintaining your trees and help you improve the value of one of the most precious natural assets on your property.
Landscape Maintenance
Your home's landscape can represent a significant investment, and you can trust Harder Services for all of your maintenance needs. A freshly manicured lawn and well-maintained property can be a source of great pride for homeowners. We can create a customized plan to keep your property looking its best, and we are always available to our maintenance customers should an immediate need for any of our services arise. It is not uncommon for our maintenance customers to request a special service in preparation for a graduation party, family gathering or other important event. We are always happy to accommodate. Our maintenance packages offer a full range of services, including:
  • Hand-pruning shrubs and small ornamental trees
  • Lawn pest treatments and fertilizations
  • Seasonal flower displays
  • Holiday lighting installation
Any of our tree and landscaping services are available to our maintenance customers, and Plant Health Care plans can be included in maintenance packages.
Plant Health Care
In addition to landscaping services, we offer plant health care plans tailored to the trees and shrubs in your landscape. Our ISA-Certified Arborists and New York State DEC certified applicators can identify and treat any biological issues that could threaten the health of your trees and shrubs. Based on the issue and time of year, our experts use a variety of organic horticultural oils and insecticidal soaps to protect your plants. Our technicians can create a preventative maintenance plan to help solve recurring problems.